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Experienced trial attorneys on both sides of the legal battles involving employee restrictive covenants, confidential information and trade secrets.

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Whether a company or individual is on the prosecution or defense side of a restrictive covenant or trade secret dispute, Locke Lord can help. Ever-increasing threats to market penetration and share confront businesses more and more frequently in today's competitive marketplace. As competitors actively seek to hire each other's employees and solicit each other's customers, disputes over relationships and proprietary and trade secret information abound. Locke Lord's lawyers enable companies to secure and safeguard their employees, customers and trade secrets. Locke Lord also has extensive experience representing companies exercising their legitimate rights to compete and to hire qualified personnel when they are threatened with legal actions by competitors and former employers and employees.

When faced with competitive threats, companies and executives turn to Locke Lord. Our lawyers regularly draft non-compete, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements and enforce them to the full extent of the law. In the event of a breach, we promptly and efficiently respond by obtaining or defending against restraining orders and other injunctive relief to protect a company’s most valuable assets. Timing is often critical in these contexts. Our lawyers are always prepared to react rapidly. We are accomplished litigators who know how to use the federal and state courts to prosecute or defend non-competition agreements and other restrictive covenants as well as related claims, including unfair competition, anti-competitive practices and employee raiding.

We recognize that it is best for most businesses to avoid litigation, but when a company or individual is sued or another person or entity is violating competitive rights and threatening a business or its employees, Locke Lord’s labor and employment team is ready, willing and fully prepared to litigate. We know and understand that litigation is a necessary and key tool in protecting every business, and we have the experience and skill set to do so.

Our litigators assist companies and individuals in determining when to litigate and how to achieve the priorities related to every litigation situation. Utilizing Locke Lord's experienced employment litigators will help any business navigate any and all litigation needs, whether they involve the prosecution or defense of a contract or non-competition claim, the pursuit of a theft of trade secrets concern or any other employment-related litigation matter.