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    Today's increasingly competitive marketplace creates intense demands on businesses to attain instant market penetration and expand market share. In many industries, these challenges are at an all-time high. To survive – let alone succeed given today's economic realities – requires that companies vigilantly seek, nurture, and protect the most important element in any organization – human capital. Companies find themselves competing on an almost daily basis to attract and retain top talent. In the race for highly skilled and trained employees, established companies often face pressure from competitors seeking to hire away key employees, divert their hard-earned business, and even plunder their proprietary or confidential information. Locke Lord's unfair competition lawyers are focused on assisting companies to achieve their goal of securing and safeguarding their employees, customers, and trade secrets.

    Locke Lord has an extensive record of being the lawyers to whom clients, in the United States and internationally, turn when faced with these competitive threats. We know time may be critical, and our lawyers have the skill and experience to respond quickly to emergencies, often obtaining restraining orders or injunctive relief to protect our clients' most valuable assets. We are also accomplished litigators who know how to use the federal and state courts to stop competitors from using ill-gotten confidential or proprietary information and trade secrets, to enforce non-competition agreements and other restrictive covenants, and to prosecute a myriad of claims, including unfair competition, anti-competitive practices and employee raiding.

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