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    Locke Lord's experienced construction lawyers have a global perspective on construction and project development. We are partners in building winning projects around the world, ranging from refineries and power plants to highways and hotels. We add value through all phases of development and construction and even after projects are completed, working closely with owners, architects, engineers, design-builders, contractors and subcontractors to manage risks and prevent them from becoming losses. We can assist clients in resolving claims and disputes at the early stages, consistent with the client’s needs and demands, and when necessary, we are equipped with skilled advocates to resolve claims through arbitration or trial and appeal.

    We know that the number one goal for our clients is a successful project, developed on time and at the right price. Our lawyers have many years of experience in providing creative counsel for innovative, yet bottom-line focused construction projects. We also are experienced at handling construction disputes and lawsuits, and we have a long history representing the major players in construction projects of all sizes across the country and around the world. Our construction team is founded on a "whole project" approach that seamlessly integrates our skilled lawyers with all steps of the project development and construction process.

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