Bringing a global perspective on construction and project development.

Meet the team

Locke Lord's experienced construction lawyers have a global perspective on construction and project development. We are partners in building winning projects around the world, ranging from pipelines, refineries and power projects to highways and hotels. We add value through all phases of development and construction and even after project completion, working closely with owners, architects, engineers, design-builders, contractors and subcontractors to manage risks and prevent them from becoming losses.

We can assist clients in resolving claims and disputes in the early stages, consistent with the client’s needs and demands, and we are equipped with skilled advocates to resolve claims through arbitration or trial and appeal, as necessary.

Our lawyers have many years of experience in providing creative counsel for innovative, yet bottom-line focused, construction projects. We also are experienced at handling construction disputes and lawsuits, and we have a long history representing the major players in construction projects of all sizes across the country and around the world.

Our construction team is founded on a whole project approach that seamlessly integrates our skilled lawyers with all steps of the project development and construction process, from initial bidding and contracting through project development, change orders, completion, claims and dispute resolution. As a testament to this integrated approach, our construction team is co-chaired by two team members, one primarily focused on transaction services and one primarily focused on claims and dispute resolution, which combined together provide our clients with the most effective and efficient representation throughout the life of the project.

Transaction Services

Traditional construction law is the foundation of Locke Lord's construction practice area. Locke Lord’s construction attorneys have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating construction contracts for a wide variety of project types and project delivery methods (EPC and design-build contracts as well as more traditional construction contracts, including those based on AIA forms). We understand the issues facing development of commercial, residential and industrial properties — from identifying, financing and acquiring properties, material and equipment to bidding and other procurement matters, permitting and zoning, and defining party relationships and responsibilities. Our construction lawyers work hand in hand with fellow Locke Lord lawyers who focus on corporate, eminent domain, environmental, governmental relations, insurance, intellectual property, international issues, labor relations, real estate and transportation, adding tremendous value to construction clients and their projects.

Our results-oriented focus is to quickly identify and solve legal issues to keep projects on track. Risks are part of every construction project and begin with the earliest design activity, increase during construction and can continue for years after project completion. We help manage risk by drafting and negotiating contracts and conditions with special emphasis on insurance requirements, indemnification provisions, risk-shifting and risk allocation and damage-limitation clauses. Every construction project is different, and custom agreements drafted to meet client-specific needs are the best way to protect clients from risks unique to each project. We work to ensure your contracts clearly define parties’ rights and responsibilities, and protect and advocate our client’s position in the event a dispute arises.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises, Locke Lord construction attorneys work to ensure a resolution is reached as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Whether we are representing a project owner, design professional, contractor or subcontractor, Locke Lord's clients benefit from our many years of courtroom and arbitration experience in construction disputes. The Firm has handled matters arising at every stage of the construction process, from commitments at the inception of a project's planning, core construction law claims, claims for quantum meruit and extra work, delay claims, acceleration claims, warranty claims, and a host of issues arising from contractor termination and insolvency. We have extensive experience advising on mechanics liens, bond and surety claims and insurance issues.

We also represent our clients in all types of alternative dispute resolution processes and can provide access to a network of highly capable experts and consultants to assist in the analysis, development, and pursuit or defense of any of these claims. The Firm's work in the energy sector has included cogeneration and other power generation projects and large projects involved in the production, processing and distribution of oil, gas and other energy and petrochemical commodities. From routine lien filings and small collection matters to multimillion-dollar claims and disputes, we help clients resolve economic losses and claims favorably and quickly.

Meet the team