Navigating the government maze with wide-ranging legislative, regulatory and legal services.

Meet the team

Locke Lord lawyers have a proven record of guiding clients through the government maze to achieve their objectives by providing a full array of legislative, regulatory and legal services. Our lawyers and government affairs professionals form a unique and diverse team with extensive political contacts at every level of government and the knowledge of how public processes work.

Our lawyers have measured experience in public law, administrative actions, including litigation and arbitration, as well as oversight of international transactions. As a Firm with global reach and offices in the most important state regulatory jurisdictions across the United States, Locke Lord has a proven ability to represent its clients before a wide array of state and federal administrative agencies. Whether in contested administrative hearings and appeals, agency rulemaking proceedings or the growing number of regulatory enforcement actions, our lawyers are actively involved in shaping the regulatory landscape nationwide.

When clients need to know how new regulations and laws will affect their businesses, Locke Lord professionals are positioned to help them at the local, state and federal levels. Our public law and policy group has a deep bench of legal talent available to assist in approaching policymakers to discuss current and proposed legislation and regulations, and in creating integrated legal and public policy solutions.

Importantly, when disputes arise in the regulatory landscape, Locke Lord lawyers have broad and extensive experience representing clients in all facets of FCA and qui tam litigation as well as the governmental investigations that frequently precede such litigation. We represent and defend clients in several regulated industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, health care companies, financial institutions, oil and gas businesses and accounting service providers. Along with these companies, we also frequently represent their past and current employees and officers in connection with civil and criminal investigations. Our lawyers have safeguarded our clients’ interests while maintaining constructive relationships with government investigators so as to avoid potential litigation in some circumstances.

Locke Lord lawyers have the depth and breadth of compliance experience needed to assist clients navigating international trade. Our lawyers are prepared to help them meet every aspect of international trade compliance. Our team advises clients in a wide range of industries, including aviation, energy, general manufacturing, hospitality, insurance, mining, oilfield services and retail entities with foreign supply contacts. Additionally, our lawyers assist with international matters, including:

  • Export controls
  • Trade sanctions
  • U.S. customs and import controls
  • Training
  • Program development
  • Due diligence
  • Investigations
  • Enforcement