Public Law & Policy

A political lobbying powerhouse with the political savvy to meet the needs of our clients.

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Locke Lord’s established tradition of responsive, personalized service and excellence in meeting the needs of our clients has made us one of the nation's top law firms and a political lobbying powerhouse. Our solid reputation and ability to deliver the highest-quality work are what we bring to city halls and state capitals across the nation and to Washington, D.C. Locke Lord will advance your interests, prevent problems before they develop and provide you the information you need to take timely action.

We have a proven record of guiding clients through the government maze to achieve their objectives by providing a full array of legislative, regulatory and legal services. Our professionals form a unique and diverse public law and policy team with extensive political contacts at every level of government and the knowledge of how public processes work. Locke Lord's professionals are well prepared to approach your public law issue with good judgment, years of experience and unsurpassed personal connections at every level of government.

Federal Public Law and Policy

Our long-standing tradition of delivering the highest-quality work has been a major factor in catapulting our Washington, D.C., lobbying group to the top tier of government affairs shops. Our group will advance your interests, prevent problems before they develop and provide you information regarding the U.S. Congress and executive branch.

We are proactive and bipartisan problem solvers recognized for our strategic and direct counsel, distinctive style, proactive determination and discretion. Issue areas of measured experience include:

  • Health care
  • Financial services
  • International relations
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Appropriations

Our Washington strategy encompasses the following examples:

  • Understanding the evolving needs and interests of members, committees and their staffs
  • Helping to craft a clear and effective message for all constituencies and stakeholders
  • Developing a program of activities for clients to interact effectively with elected officials and their staffs
  • Educating members and their staffs about the needs of our clients
  • Researching, advising and assisting clients to determine how best to proactively shape legislative proposals that could impact their businesses
  • Providing time-sensitive legislative and regulatory information

Texas Public Law and Policy

Our public law and policy group in Houston, Austin and Dallas form a Texas team that has built unparalleled relationships, trust and an outstanding reputation for integrity. They form the foundation for our proactive counsel and are one of the keys to Locke Lord's public law strength.

The Texas Lawyer annually ranks the Firm's lobbying practice at the top of law firm lobbying practices based on lobby billings reported to the Texas Ethics Commission. Our broad and diverse team is thoroughly familiar with the Texas legislative process and has excellent relationships with state officials and legislators. During legislative sessions, our team is full-time in Austin assisting clients with their government relations needs. We are actively involved with interim committee charges and cultivating relationships for the next session.

Our familiarity with Texas government organizations allows us to assist companies with multistate operations when they face political hurdles that might hamper their growth. We work to prevent business strategy from being compromised because of conflicting state policies, utilizing our comprehensive knowledge of Texas laws and regulations. Our professionals are also active representing agencies and organizations regarding open meetings and public information issues. We counsel clients on:

  • Proper subject matter for closed sessions
  • Proper invocation of the "competitive issues" exception under Texas Senate Bill 7 (the electric deregulation bill)
  • Proper postings for meetings and subject matter descriptions of issues to be considered

At the local level, our lawyers and professionals work with officials of all governmental bodies, including city and county officials, regional mobility agencies, water districts, river authorities and road districts. We represent clients in matters concerning:

  • Land development
  • Revitalization of urban areas
  • Tax abatements
  • Telecommunications tower siting
  • Utility regulation
  • Franchise rights
  • Zoning
  • Private/public partnerships

Massachusetts Public Law and Policy

Locke Lord professionals have worked for years in Boston helping to advance the interests of local, national and international clients in the State House. Using their public policy and legal experience, they work closely with clients to prepare government relations strategies for advancing legislation and regulations and improving client relationships with regulators and policymakers. We have developed strong relationships with legislators and other policymakers at all levels of government, including the U.S. House and Senate, and throughout the executive branch.

Illinois Public Law and Policy

Our Firm’s Illinois roots date back more than 100 years, and we have built upon that century of knowledge, networks and experience to work with a broad range of state government entities across the country. Our familiarity with government organizations runs deep, and our broad-based practice allows us to assist companies with multi-state operations when they face political hurdles that might hamper or halt their growth. We work to prevent business strategy from being compromised because of conflicting state policies—this requires a comprehensive knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern how business gets done.

UK/EU Public Law and Policy

Our integrated UK policy group supports client efforts to affect government actions in the United States, United Kingdom and EU as well as the key capital cities and world commercial and financial centers. Our team members work in key regulatory and financial centers and understand the roles played by the European Commission, Council, European Parliament and individual EU member states.

Meet the team