Class Actions

Seasoned trial lawyers that clients trust with "bet the company" cases.

Meet the team

Dozens of lawyers in Locke Lord's Litigation Department are members of the Firm's Class Actions Practice Group. Our class action defense attorneys have extensive backgrounds in class action litigation in jurisdictions across the United States. From high-profile national cases for Fortune 500 clients to more limited state-wide class litigation, we regularly resolve class action disputes brought against our clients by their customers, competitors, suppliers, investors, shareholders and regulators.

Focused on Your Interests

Our lawyers often serve as national counsel for clients facing "bet the company" litigation and coordinate the defense of competing or parallel class cases across the country as well as multidistrict litigation involving both class and individual claims. Our lawyers have the skills and experience to defend any and all types of high-stakes class action disputes. The knowledge and experience we’ve gained from handling hundreds of class action cases are key in high-profile litigation.

Because we have litigated so many class action cases, in so many jurisdictions across the country, we understand the determinative legal and factual issues, and we have refined defense strategies to present those issues in the best possible light. Through creative preliminary motion practice, focused discovery and compelling written and oral advocacy, our clients have achieved many outright victories or dime-store settlements in alleged class cases with enormous stakes.

Our team is cohesive, cooperative and committed. We make every effort to understand a class action lawsuit in the broader context of a client's current and future business plans. We insist on open and frequent communication with our clients so we can recommend the best possible choices on litigation strategies and tactics from the client's point of view. We vigilantly monitor the costs of litigation and the cost/benefit ratio of discovery and trial versus mediation, arbitration or settlement.

Consumer Fraud

Locke Lord has a dedicated group of lawyers ready to respond to consumer-fraud litigation in jurisdictions across the United States. Our team aggressively defends clients in class action and high-exposure individual cases that often seek recovery for the following:

  • Breach of contract
  • Common-law fraud
  • Violations of state or federal consumer-fraud or deceptive-trade-practice statutes
  • Various consumer-protection statutes
  • Purported RICO claims

Locke Lord’s consumer-fraud litigation lawyers have experience in many industries, including:

  • Banking and finance
  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • Health care
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and telecommunications

TCPA Litigation and Compliance

The now infamous prohibitions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) on certain telephone calls, text messages and facsimile communications, unchecked by damage caps, have spawned thousands of high-exposure class actions across the nation. With potential statutory damages often running into billions of dollars, large private and public companies have been forced into multimillion-dollar settlements, while a number of smaller companies have gone out of business altogether.

Recognizing the dangers inherent in these actions, Locke Lord was one of the very first firms in the United States to form a practice section and team of lawyers devoted to defending these complex cases. Locke Lord's TCPA Litigation and Compliance Section is comprised of trial lawyers and litigators across the Firm's offices, including in the two jurisdictions that see the majority of this litigation — Illinois and California. To be up to the minute on the relevant law, our lawyers monitor virtually all new TCPA decisions rendered by courts across the United States on a daily basis. Having handled dozens of nationwide TCPA class actions, our lawyers have developed pleadings and motions addressing most of the major TCPA issues. This allows our teams to devote their time to quickly and efficiently tailoring defenses that meet the unique circumstances of any case.

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