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    With the dramatic increase in wage and hour claims and constant changes in U.S. federal and ‎state regulations, wage and hour compliance has achieved an unparalleled importance for ‎employers. Claims based on alleged violations of federal and state wage and hour laws have ‎proliferated and become a primary focus for plaintiffs' counsel. Employers must ensure that both ‎their wage and hour policies and practices comply with applicable federal and state laws or risk ‎substantial exposure.‎

    Locke Lord possesses a well-regarded, national wage and hour defense practice that ‎stands ready to assist employers. Over the years, we have defended numerous wage and hour ‎investigations by the United States Department of Labor and similar state agencies. Locke ‎Lord's labor and employment lawyers regularly perform compliance audits for our clients, as ‎well as provide guidance regarding issues such as employee classification, hours worked, ‎overtime pay, recordkeeping, and payroll expense control and planning. Locke Lord's compliance ‎assistance also includes management training, policy preparation, and the administration of ‎payroll disputes.‎

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