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Privacy & Cyber Litigation and Enforcement

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The Privacy & Cyber Litigation and Enforcement team has the knowledge and experience necessary to represent our clients effectively in disputes throughout the United States and the world. We understand the existing privacy and cyber legal framework, and we closely follow the developing laws and regulations designed to address ever-changing technological advances. We are well versed in the strategies and procedures of litigation and enforcement, positioning us to handle any kind of dispute that our clients face. We also appreciate our clients’ business objectives, and we work determinedly to achieve those goals in true partnership with our clients. We utilize our depth of experience and business sensitivity every day as zealous advocates for our clients.

We possess a sophisticated understanding of the legal landscape relating to privacy and cyber issues and claims. The team’s members frequently represent clients in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, retail, health care, defense contracting, energy, and intellectual property. Privacy and cyber laws can vary by industry sector, and our experience enables us to understand how those laws and regulations are applied. We also follow evolving issues such as the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), the NY SHIELD Act and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). We are therefore aptly able to develop and implement national litigation strategies related to exposures arising from the collection, handling, use and disclosure of personal information. 

The team’s members have strong backgrounds and reputations representing clients in lawsuits arising from claims related to data breaches and privacy issues. We routinely defend our clients against class actions and other lawsuits in consumer, employee and shareholder disputes. In addition, we represent insurance clients in coverage matters, including in litigation, related to privacy and cyber matters. Our team also includes a dedicated group of Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) attorneys who represent a host of Fortune 500 and other companies with compliance and in litigation. Importantly, our litigators are supported by talented and distinguished appellate lawyers, who work closely with trial teams to help position cases optimally.

We also have significant experience in regulatory enforcement matters. In particular, we regularly represent clients before federal agencies, such as the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services and before state attorneys general, insurance departments and other agencies. These engagements have included responses to informal inquiries following data breach notification as well as formal enforcement actions related to privacy and cyber compliance issues.

Positive resolution of a lawsuit or enforcement action is not necessarily the only goal. We are sensitive to the fact that our clients deal with consumers and other business entities every day and that it is essential to prevail both in the courtroom or enforcement action, and in the "court of public opinion." We partner with our clients to develop a strategy that includes public relations and media plans.

As businesses increasingly rely on technology and digital information, they face a greater risk of privacy and cyber litigation and regulatory enforcement actions. These matters present significant risks of economic loss and reputational damage. As a result, it is critical for businesses to have a solid dispute resolution team with the knowledge and experience to quickly assess the issues and to implement a comprehensive strategy to minimize exposure. Members of the Firm’s Privacy & Cyber Litigation and Enforcement team understand this and are prepared to act quickly and aggressively to address any dispute on behalf of our clients.

Meet the team