Locke Lord’s Tara Trifon and Hannah Oswald Co-Author Article on Key Issues in Privacy and Cyber Litigation for Privacy & Cybersecurity Law Report

October 9, 2020

Hartford Partner Tara Trifon and Chicago Associate Hannah Oswald co-authored an article for Privacy & Cybersecurity Law Report discussing key issues affecting privacy and cybersecurity litigation, including whether the plaintiff has standing to sue, the nature of the suit, who is responsible and challenges that may arise during the case. They also advise on best practices for companies in the wake of a cybersecurity incident and steps to incorporate into an incident response plan, including consulting with insurers and counsel, keeping a record of all actions taken to mitigate the situation and evaluating notification requirements.

“As more of our lives become dependent on technology, and as vulnerabilities in accessing personal data are exploited, it becomes increasingly likely that companies will become the target of a privacy or cyber related lawsuit. While it may not be possible to completely avoid litigation, being prepared and understanding the issues may improve your strategic options,” they write.

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