Legal Issues in Artificial Intelligence: AI’s Impact on Antitrust and Competition Law Issues

February 21, 2024

Increased use and influence of artificial intelligence systems by companies and consumers bring with them new and dynamic oversight, compliance, governance and disclosure challenges. Legal and risk management professionals must develop processes and policies for AI tools that work within the requirements of the law as it is today, while also anticipating the coming wave of legal, regulatory and technological changes.

Brad Weber and Taylor Levesque will present AI’s Impact on Antitrust and Competition Law Issues on Wednesday, February 21, 2024. The webinar begins at 10:00am PT, 12pm CT, 1:00pm ET.

Competition enforcement agencies and private litigants are increasingly focused on AI’s impact in competitive markets. As these enforcement agencies and private plaintiffs direct more of their attention toward the effects of AI-related technology in many different industries, questions inevitably will arise, and competition law compliance uncertainty will likely increase. Questions about whether AI tools may expose companies to potential liability for collusion and other antitrust violations, with limited or no human involvement, are likely to proliferate. As questions multiply, regulatory scrutiny and antitrust litigation risks are also likely to increase.

One hour of CLE for each program is approved in CA, IL, TX and NY “Areas of Professional Practice” credit. Other states are pending.

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