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Helping Clients Leverage the Benefits of AI While Managing Business and Legal Risks

Locke Lord lawyers possess a unique mix of regulatory, transactional and litigation skills that allows us to address AI-related issues across multiple areas, including in antitrust and competition law, data privacy and cybersecurity, e-discovery, intellectual property, M&A, financial services, digital health, class action litigation, insurance, government procurement, public policy and government affairs, among others.

As industry regulations and legislation develop, we can keep you informed and provide guidance to help you navigate the emerging challenges and opportunities in AI.

Locke Lord’s Artificial Intelligence Legislation Tracker actively tracks the enacted AI regulatory bills from across the United States to help our clients stay informed in this rapidly changing regulatory landscape. Just as artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving, so is the legislative landscape. The interactive map will be updated frequently to include legislation that, if passed, would directly impact a business's development or deployment of AI solutions.

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Hub-and-Spoke Conspiracies: Can Big Data and Pricing Algorithms Form the Rim?

Antitrust and Artificial Intelligence: ‎The FTC Identifies Competition Concerns in Generative AI ‎Markets


New York DFS Issues Circular Letter No. 7 RE: Use of AIS and ECDIS in Insurance Underwriting and Pricing

Nebraska Adopts AI Guidance

DC Adopts Bulletin 24-IB-002-05/21 on the Use of Artificial Intelligence Systems in Insurance

Washington Issues Technical Assistance Advisory 2024-02 Regarding the Use of AI in ‎Insurance

Maryland Issues Bulletin No. 24-11 on the Use of AI in Insurance

Kentucky Issues Bulletin 2024-02 on the Use of AI in Insurance

Pennsylvania Adopts NAIC Model Bulletin on the Use of Artificial Intelligence by Insurers

How Will the NAIC Regulate Third-Party Data and Modeling Vendors?

Colorado Division of Insurance Holds Second Health Insurance Stakeholder Meeting for ‎Implementing AI Requirements

NAIC Model Bulletin on the Use of AI Systems by Insurers Adopted in Eight States

Rhode Island Adopts NAIC AI Model Bulletin

Alaska Is First State to Adopt the NAIC AI Model Bulletin by Issuing Bulletin B 24-01 Governing Licensed Insurers’ Use of AI

NY DFS Jumps on the AI Bandwagon by Issuing Proposed Guidance to New York Licensed Insurers Relating to Underwriting

Artificial Intelligence Regulation in the Insurance Industry – 2023 a Year in Review

Enhancing Customer Experience in the Insurance Industry With AI

Colorado Exposes Draft Life Insurance ‎AI Data Testing Regulations for Unfair ‎Discrimination

Colorado Insurance Division Adopts Proposed Algorithm and Predictive Model Governance Regulation

Insurance Regulators ‎Continue to ‎Grapple With the Rapid Development ‎and ‎Use of Artificial ‎Intelligence

NAIC Exposes Draft Artificial ‎Intelligence Model Bulletin

Artificial Intelligence: The Expansion of ‎Growth Opportunities for Health Insurers and ‎Related ‎Regulatory Hurdles

Intellectual Property

U.S. Patent Office Provides Guidance ‎for Patenting Artificial Intelligence Inventions

Inventorship Guidance From the USPTO ‎for AI-Assisted Inventions

The UK Supreme Court Confirms That AI Cannot Be the “Inventor” for a UK Patent Application

Generative AI and Copyright Infringement: Federal Judge in Stability AI Distinguishes Between AI Model Creators and Users – For Now

The NO FAKES Act: With Proposed Bill, Congress Set to Protect Against Unauthorized Digital Replicas of Faces, Names and Voices

Patenting AI Inventions

Warhol’s Brush With AI: Redefining Fair ‎Use for Generative AI ‎and Large Language ‎Models‎

Death By A Thousand Cuts: Right of ‎Publicity in the Age of AI

A Fair Decision for Creativity? SCOTUS ‎Finds No Fair Use in Warhol Prince Portrait

Guarding the Digital Fortress: How to ‎Protect Your Data from Generative AI “Scrapers”

Generative AI and Intellectual ‎Property: Whether the Wild West or the Matrix, It is the (Latest) New Frontier

The UK Government Has Published Its ‎Response to Its Consultation on Artificial ‎Intelligence and ‎Intellectual Property

Labor & Employment

Keepin’ It Real: Considerations for Employers Using Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT and AI in the Workplace: Should Employers Be Concerned?

Legal Considerations for Using Artificial Intelligence in Hiring


FCC Cracks Down on AI-Generated ‎Telephone Calls Under TCPA


Locke Lord’s General Counsel and Partner Jennifer Kenedy Quoted by InsuranceNewsNet on Critical Legal Aspects and Ethical Issues of Generative AI

The Race to Regulate AI: Biden Signs Broad Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

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