Locke Lord’s General Counsel and Partner Jennifer Kenedy Quoted by InsuranceNewsNet on Critical Legal Aspects and Ethical Issues of Generative AI

February 26, 2024

Jennifer Kenedy, Locke Lord’s General Counsel and Partner as well as a member of the Firm’s Executive Committee, was quoted by InsuranceNewsNet from a Firm webinar on the use of generative AI in the absence of formal regulation, outlining key legal and ethical issues of the emerging technology. Kenedy suggests that during the interim period without formal regulation, those in the legal, risk management or a related field should address confidentiality, AI hallucination and accountability concerns in their own AI Acceptable Use Policies.

“In most instances, generative AI at this point must only be used with significant caution and awareness,” Kenedy says.

Expanding on the significant challenges with confidentiality concerns, Kenedy adds that AI models can store information for up to 30 days, and this information could also be shared with third parties or used for a multitude of other purposes.

“In those 30 days, people could be doing searches and getting your information,” she explains. “That’s important to know about this technology. Even if the product doesn’t utilize or share inputted information, it may lack reasonable or adequate security…there’s a lot of gray area there that, frankly, the ones creating the technology are trying to address, but have not as of yet.”

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