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Locke Lord’s High Noon Knowledge Series Webinar – Employment Issues for a Post-Pandemic Workforce: What Are the Next Steps?

October 22, 2020

Locke Lord’s Employment Law and Employee Benefits attorneys will address issues related to workforce and work location changes due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The topics will include:

The New Normal of a Remote Workforce

  • Key concepts to include in remote work policies
  • Protecting trade secrets in the remote work environment

Challenges for a Reopened Workplace

  • Addressing concerns of the reluctant returner
  • Employee health screens, masks in the workplace, and other health and safety considerations

Employment and Restrictive Covenant Agreements in a COVID Market

  • Considerations prior to seeking enforcement of non-compete agreements in a pandemic
  • Effect of furloughs and reductions in force on restrictive covenant agreements

Challenges for Retirement and Medical Plans

  • Partial termination issues for retirement plans
  • ACA eligibility issues for furloughed employees 

Locke Lord Speakers:

Sara C. Longtain
Partner, Houston

Edward A. Razim III
Partner, Houston

Andrew Reed
Associate, Houston

For more information, please contact Allison Arbizu.