Atlanta and New York Locke Lord Team Obtains Final Determination From ITC in Section 337 Investigation for Vego Garden

A Locke Lord team led by Ziwen Zhu, Bryan Harrison (both of Atlanta) and Mark Hannemann (New York) obtained a final determination from the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in a Section 337 investigation on behalf of Vego Garden, an accessible and modular gardening brand.

The ITC’s opinion confirmed the administrative law judge’s findings that respondent Huizhou Green Giant Technology misappropriated a trade secret relating to the manufacture of metal raised garden beds, and that respondent Utopban Limited further engaged in false advertising regarding such products. The ITC issued a limited exclusion order, prohibiting the importation of products manufactured utilizing Vego’s trade secrets for 12 months and issued a cease and desist order, prohibiting the sales within the United States of such products for the same period. The ITC’s opinion confirmed and expanded the protection for U.S.-based companies that utilize overseas manufacturers from unfair competition practices relating to imported goods.
Posted on April 3, 2024