Locke Lord Represents CRRC Corporation in Bid to Secure $566 Million Contract to Build 404 Train Cars

Gerald “Jed” Hendrick (Boston) represented CRRC Corporation Limited, a Chinese manufacturing company which built a factory in Springfield, Mass., in its bid to secure a $566 million contract from the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority to build 404 train cars for subway lines serving Boston and surrounding neighborhoods. In December 2016, the project increased in scope to include another 120 cars, costing $277 million. CRRC has since signed deals to make double-decker commuter rail cars for SEPTA, Philadelphia’s transit system, and cars for the transit system in Los Angeles at the Springfield facility. On December 18, CRRC workers completed assembly of the first two train cars to be constructed in Springfield. The new cars are expected to be put into service within a year.
Posted on December 20, 2018