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Navigating the Potential Global Impacts of the Biden Administration’s Policy Priorities‎

‎Locke Lord’s lawyers, many of whom have previously served in roles in the U.S. Executive Branch, Congress, and regulatory and administrative agencies, provide guidance on how businesses can navigate the immediate and long-term effects of the Biden Administration’s policy priorities.

‎We are closely monitoring developments across industries and are ready to advise our clients every step of the way. As the landscape evolves, we encourage you to return to this page for perspectives and resources in key areas of importance to your business.

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President Biden Issues Sweeping ‎Executive Order Directed at Promoting Competition ‎in the ‎American Economy

What’s Ahead for Antitrust Law and Enforcement – Rewriting the Sherman and Clayton Acts

Antitrust Takes the Spotlight: What’s Ahead for Antitrust Law and Enforcement (WEBINAR)

Artificial Intelligence

The Race to Regulate AI: Biden Signs ‎Broad Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence


Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Brings an Early End to the Employee Retention Credit

IRS Releases Guidance on COBRA Premium Subsidy‎

The American Rescue Plan Act: COBRA Subsidies


Not So(lar) Fast My Friends – Uyghur ‎Forced Labor Prevention Act Takes ‎Effect June 21, 2022‎

Congress May Not Build Back Better, ‎but DOE Plans to Build a Better Grid

Biden’s American Jobs Plan Prioritizes Renewable Infrastructure Investment Opportunities

What the Biden Administration Offshore Wind Proposal Could Mean for New York ‎Offshore Wind ‎

Winds of Change:‎ Biden Administration Releases Plan to Accelerate Offshore Wind Energy


Back to the Future: EPA and Corps of Engineers Announce Intent to Restore Previous ‎Definition of WOTUS 

Possible Biden Administration Changes to the Federal Rulemaking Process and What They ‎Could Mean for You (WEBINAR)‎

The Regulatory Resurrection of M-37050:‎ Interior Rule Limits the MBTA Again, But Likely Not ‎for Long (WEBINAR)‎


FHWA Guidance on Implementation of ‎Infrastructure Act Funding ‎Does Not Bode Well for New ‎Capacity Projects

International Transactions

Further Examination into President Biden’s Outbound Investment Controls in Certain Chinese Technology Sectors

President Biden Issues Executive Order ‎Banning Certain Technology Sharing With China

Labor & Employment

The Labor Department’s Independent Contractor Rule Has Little if No Legal Impact But Is Likely To Cause Anxiety for Many Stakeholders

Who’s an Independent Contractor? Even More Regulatory Ping-Pong That Doesn’t Change the Law

U.S. Labor Department Acknowledges “Important Role Legitimate Independent ‎Contractors Play in Our Economy”: June 2022 IC Legal News Update

Arbitration Clauses May Not Work in All States if Not Well Drafted: March 2022 IC Legal News Update

Critical Update: Independent Contractors Not Covered Under Biden Vaccination Plan

The Guidance for Mandatory ‎Vaccination of Federal Contractors and Subcontractors Has ‎‎Arrived

Biden Administration Executive Order Seeks to “Curtail the Unfair Use of Non-Compete ‎Clauses”‎

Biden's Wage and Hour Redux: Same Obama Administrator, Same Budget

Biden Administration’s Withdrawal of Trump’s Independent Contractor Rule: Just as ‎Meaningless as the Rule It Withdrew

COBRA Premium Subsidy Under the American Rescue Plan Act: Employers Need to Take Action by May 31, 2021

OSHA Ramps-up COVID-19 Inspections and Enforcement 

The Biden Administration: What May Be Ahead and Already Is Happening

Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Extended Yet Again for ‎Employees and ‎Independent Contractors

The Confusing Biden Plan for Independent Contractor Misclassification


Ensuring Innovation Act Alters Eligibility for New Chemical Exclusivity

Public Finance

Relief for State and Local Governments Impacted by COVID-19


Proposed Legislative Extension of Investment Tax Credits for Energy ‎Storage Technologies

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