Possible Biden Administration Changes to the Federal Rulemaking Process and What They Could Mean for You

March 3, 2021

Since the Reagan Administration, Presidents have used the Office of ‎Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) in the Office of Management and ‎Budget to oversee the agency regulatory process. Presidents have ‎implemented a set of Executive Orders that have placed benefit cost ‎analysis and the goal of maximizing net social benefits at the heart of this ‎regulatory review. This policy has had the greatest effect on regulations ‎promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency. The Biden ‎Administration has proposed a very different approach, focusing on equity ‎and environmental justice. At the same time, the Biden EPA has an ‎aggressive regulatory agenda. How will this new approach to regulatory ‎review affect the substance of these new regulations?‎

What you will learn:

  • Agency rulemaking processes, with a focus on the U.S. Environmental ‎Protection Agency
  • Office of Management and Budget Review
  • The role of Cost Analysis and Benefit Cost Analysis in rulemaking
  • The Biden Administration Approach
  • What regulatory rule development and review will look like under the Biden Administration

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