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    Locke Lord's ERISA and other tax lawyers help corporations and partnerships design, draft and implement qualified and non-qualified employee benefit plans. These include pension, stock option, employee stock ownership, 401(k), money purchase and profit sharing plans. We also help clients with special employee benefit planning needs due to governmental or tax-exempt status.

    The area of deferred compensation is becoming a much higher audit priority for the IRS, and our ERISA and other tax lawyers actively advise clients in all aspects of deferred compensation, from documentation issues to tax planning.

    Maintaining the tax-qualified status of retirement plans is complex, and our lawyers regularly assist clients with this issue. We have a strong focus in designing and implementing the tax-qualified prototype plans sponsored by banking and other organizations and in maintaining the tax-qualified status of these plans.

    We represent clients before both the IRS and the U.S. Department of Labor when their plans are audited, as well as in securing IRS determination letters for plan qualification purposes. Increased Congressional and IRS scrutiny of employee benefit plans makes longstanding experience like Locke Lord's even more important to clients.

    Our lawyers are actively involved in executive compensation matters for both publicly traded and privately held companies. This involves the tax planning and design of executive benefit arrangements and compliance with U.S. federal and state securities laws.

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