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    When choosing your UK Employment Law advisers, you want technical acumen, responsiveness and availability and practical to-the-point advice. This includes people you can get on with, who invest time getting to know you and your business and who will be impressive when you need to wheel them out in front of your executive team. You want lawyers who have well-informed and thought-provoking ideas on the latest developments in the law and likely future trends in the world of work that can make you, and make you look, similarly well-informed and effective in your own role. But most of all you are buying our judgement: from our experience and good judgement, what steps do we recommend in those employee relations situations when you are out of your comfort zone.

    Locke Lord’s London Employment team, led by partner Nick Dent, understands the importance of all these issues to you. Our lawyers have experience over many years advising clients across a range of sectors, notably the financial and professional services and media/publishing sectors, on the full range of their employment issues, including high-value discrimination, whistleblowing and bonus claims. We can handle the largest and most intensive matters, as demonstrated by our claim on behalf of Argus Media for injunctions and then at speedy trial in the High Court in December 2018, enforcing a nine month non-competition covenant against a departing employee.

    We are very used to advising companies with unionised workforces, for example in manufacturing, publishing and higher education, on the additional obligations and complexities of union recognition. We have a particular speciality in advising on efficient and effective collective consultation, both in the context of collective redundancies and outsourcing and other TUPE transfers.

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