Assisting clients in understanding and managing complicated waste liability and regulatory systems.

Meet the team

Our environmental attorneys represent a broad array of businesses who must confront and navigate the legal labyrinth governing their waste management activities. We represent clients in the energy production, refining, mining, manufacturing, waste management, recycling, real estate development, service and other industries as they address their responsibilities regarding both hazardous and other regulated wastes. So, whether tackling produced water releases, recycling mandates, or the implications of newly regulated chemical substances, we team with our clients to reach effective solutions. Where possible, we counsel regarding the contours of the law, providing options for clients to consider new or different operational approaches to streamline and reduce their waste management obligations, or to recycle, re-use or monetize previously discarded material. In addition, we work with clients to obtain waste-related permits or other authorizations, and defend enforcement actions or other claims regarding waste management practices.