Endangered Species and Wildlife Conservation

Nationally known practitioners with industry-leading track record of getting challenging projects permitted, constructed and financed.

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Our environmental lawyers include nationally recognized leaders in the area of wildlife law, and a significant component of our practice involves counseling and representing clients on issues arising under federal and state wildlife laws, including the Endangered Species Act, Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Wildlife issues have become critical drivers for renewable energy projects, traditional upstream and midstream energy projects, major infrastructure projects and real estate development projects. We work with clients and their biological consultants from the earliest stages of a project to identify potential wildlife issues and develop strategies for impact avoidance or minimization and effective management of the agency consultation process. Where a permit may be necessary or desirable, we have extensive experience in developing habitat conservation plans, crafting innovative and cost-effective approaches to complex biological and regulatory issues, such as take estimation, monitoring regimes and mitigation strategies. We have a deep understanding of the Evidence of Absence framework and are responsible for key innovations that have enabled its practical application in permitting. This knowledge and experience have enabled us to obtain numerous incidental take permits for listed bats by wind farms and advise on multiple eagle take permits in numerous states and regions across the country. Following project siting and permitting, we regularly advise clients on strategies to manage wildlife impacts during all phases of project development and operations.