COVID-19 Vaccinations: Thoughts for Employers

Boston Bar Journal
April 12, 2021

Boston Partner Richard Glovsky, Co-Chair of Locke Lord’s Labor and Employment Practice Group co-authored an article for the Boston Bar Journal discussing considerations for employers regarding whether to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for employees.

The article covers legal considerations for a mandatory vaccination policy, including what information would be necessary to collect from employees, the need to allow for disability and religious exemptions and potential liability issues in the event of injury or harm as a result of receiving the employer-mandated vaccine.

The authors also discuss the pros and cons of a mandatory vaccine policy and a discretionary vaccine policy.

“One obvious pro is that a vaccinated workforce may be a safer one. It may also help bring employees back to the workplace,” they write.

“A discretionary vaccine policy may result in a more content workforce and avoids ADA and Title VII issues,” they add.

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