Cybersecurity Law Report Quotes Hartford Locke Lord Partner Tara Trifon on Connecticut Attorney General’s Privacy Enforcement Report

Cybersecurity Law Report
March 20, 2024

Hartford Locke Lord Partner Tara Trifon was quoted by Cybersecurity Law Report on the privacy challenges outlined in the Office of the Connecticut Attorney General’s (OAG) latest privacy enforcement report. The article explains the recommended action steps for companies based on the report and examines the challenges that privacy enforcement presents to both businesses and the OAG.

“In ten pages, the OAG went through a lot of information, showing what its emphasis and focus has been in the privacy space on the macro level, and also on the micro level, looking at a comma placement” that poses a problem, for example, Trifon told the Cybersecurity Law Report.

One of the many issues addressed in the report examines underage consent for targeted ads and data selling. For example, the OAG asks legislators to clarify if the law absolutely bans the targeting of advertising to teens, or if the placement of a comma implies that teens have the option to accept targeted ads. “Clearly teens are a subject of focus for the OAG because” it pushed for stronger protections last year and now seeks to clarify this uncertainty over the scope of the provision, Trifon said.

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