Locke Lord’s Ken Suh Quoted on BIPA Litigation Cases Centered on Voice Recognition in Law360 Recap Highlighting Illinois’ Biggest Cases to Watch in 2024

January 3, 2024

Ken Suh, a lawyer in Locke Lord’s Chicago office and a member of the Firm’s Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice Group, was quoted by Law360 in an article highlighting the biggest Illinois cases to watch in 2024. Suh notes that voice recognition cases, such as Wilcosky v. Inc., and other similar cases, “could soon test the scope of what’s really necessary to identify a person for the purposes of establishing a BIPA violation.”

“Since voice recognition technology like what’s at the center of the Amazon case relies on voice identifiers to improve command recognition, should appellate courts rule next year as these cases develop further that defendants are liable for tech beyond what affirmatively identifies a person, Illinois could see even more litigation under its biometric privacy statute,” Suh adds.

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