Locke Lord Chair David Taylor Quoted by Law360 on Predictions for Texas Legal Landscape in 2024

January 2, 2024

David Taylor, Locke Lord’s Chair, was quoted by Law360 on the outlook of the Texas legal landscape heading into 2024. Taylor speaks to a growing cybersecurity cottage industry, the capital markets outlook and more.

“The hackers aren’t going away,” Taylor said. “What you did a month ago was great, but there are always new things and a lot of what we’re doing with clients is responding to breaches and in prophylactic activity, in prevention.”

Taylor also stated, “Until there is some certainty on interest rates, until there is some sense that the [Federal Reserve] is done, I think you’ll see continued choppiness on the deal side. When you [consider] the IPO market in 2024, knowing people have to work in advance to hit the IPO market and they’re not really shooting to hit it in the spring, that means they’re shooting to hit it next fall. Well, that’s 10 months away at this point.”

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