Networking Nuance: Fitness, Function & Ambition - The Role of Exercise in Success

May 3, 2023

Join Locke Lord and Networking Nuance on May 3, 2023 for a boxing class (with coffee!) and an early morning chat on Fitness, Function & Ambition: The Role of Exercise in Success. Discussions will be centered around understanding why we should try and fit it in, what form it should take, when we should do it and how to make getting it done possible.

We know there is a strong correlation between high performance at work and consistent exercise. But why? Is it ‘blowing off steam’? Is it taking some time out to focus? Is it the simple science of the endorphin rush?

It takes a lot to be a great lawyer or professional. It takes even more energy to do the networking on top that allows you to really take control of your career. We know it’s not easy to fit it all in but the benefits of exercise are infinite: better quality of sleep, more energy, greater productivity, all-round discipline and the list goes on!

12x3 Boxing Club, London

Space is limited so please email contact@networkingnuance.com to register for Networking Nuance's first exclusive fitness event.