Issues Impacting the Insurance Industry as We Move to the Next Phase of COVID-19: Keeping That Genie In The Bottle: Using Trade Secrets to Protect the Improper Use of Your Competitive Information During Unprecedented Times

September 9, 2020

Issues Impacting the Insurance Industry as We Move to the Next Phase of COVID-19

Join Locke Lord for a Complimentary Summer Speaker Series. As we enter the next phase of life under COVID-19, new issues are emerging for the insurance industry. Locke Lord lawyers will tackle some of the issues over the next few months. Sign up for each program that interests you below. We look forward to sharing time with you as we navigate the new normal. One hour of CLE for each program is approved in CA, IL, TX and NY. Other states are pending.

All programs 10:00 a.m. PT, Noon CT, 1:00 p.m. ET

SEPTEMBER 9: Keeping That Genie In The Bottle: Using Trade Secrets to Protect the Improper Use of Your Competitive Information During Unprecedented Times
Presenters: Jennifer Kenedy and Matthew Kalas
The insurance industry is replete with valuable competitive information. A proactive in-place Trade Secret Protection Program prevents the loss of that information to competitors who would unfairly benefit from the improper disclosure or theft of that information. The COVID-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges to the ongoing need to protect trade secrets. The massive business disruptions that the insurance industry and others now face include entire workforces forced to work remotely, accessing and using confidential information and trade secrets from home; the substantial slowdown of business activity that may result in the disclosure of confidential information or trade secrets to third parties outside normal procedures; and the off-boarding of remote employees who are accessing confidential information and trade secrets remotely. This webinar will explore trade secret law, how to employ restrictions and other safeguards to protect it, particular considerations in light of COVID-19, and investigation and litigation strategies to stop improper use and transmission.



JULY 8: Privacy and Cybersecurity Issues in the COVID-19 Environment
Ted Augustinos, Molly McGinnis Stine and Alex Cox
This session will address the privacy and cybersecurity concerns facing most companies and their employees in the new remote work environment driven by the current pandemic. Panelists will address new and evolving issues that may present continuing or accelerating challenges.

JULY 22: California BI Disputes and the Role of the Insurance Producer
Mitch Popham and Melina Kountouris
This session is designed for insurers writing business interruption coverage in California. Much of this business was written through insurance producers, and questions are already arising regarding the role the producers played in obtaining the coverage. We will lay out some basics on the duties of insurance producers under CA law and outline issues for insurers to consider in light of those duties when litigating BI claims and when dealing with insurance regulators in the context of consumer complaints and DOI investigations and market conduct examinations.

AUGUST 12: Defending Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims Against Directors & Officers of Distressed Companies in the Era of COVID-19
Bilal Zaheer and Jonathan Young
As more companies experience financial distress and file for bankruptcy, insurers are likely to see a rise in fiduciary duty and related claims brought against corporate officers and directors. This program will examine a number of these special issues that arise when defending directors and officers of distressed or insolvent companies against claims for breach of fiduciary duty brought by Litigation Trustees, Unsecured Creditors Committees or Receivers.
AUGUST 19: COVID-19: Where the NAIC Goes From Here
Tim Farber
This program will explore some of the ongoing work of the NAIC that has been interrupted in 2020, and new issues the NAIC will now need to take on as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Panelists also will provide a high level wrap up of the Summer Virtual NAIC Meeting.