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Class Actions 101: What You Need To Know About Class Actions

Locke Lord LLP
Boston, MA

October 8, 2015

Please join Locke Lord for an informative seminar that will provide a practical overview of class actions. Locke Lord Moderators & Panelists include: Tom CunninghamIra Greenberg, and Carl Scherz

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Understanding the basics.
  • What does Federal Rule of Civil Procedure (FRCP) 23 require to bring a class action.
  • How have the courts construed the prerequisites of FRCP 23.
  • What are the types of class actions recognized under FRCP 23.
  • What is important to understand in commencing, maintaining, litigating, and defending a class action.
  • What are the alternatives and options in responding to a class action.
  • What should be considered in determining and dealing with the named plaintiff class representatives and the class.
  • What is required to successfully certify a class.
  • What are the issues and the process which must be considered in settlement of a class action and settlement administration.
  • What are the differences and similarities in requirements for class actions in the state courts and what is CAFA?
  • What are the hot topics and recent decisions in class action litigation of which you should be aware, including by the U.S. Supreme Court and the United States Courts of Appeals in the Circuit Courts.
  • How do courts construe the issue of compelling class arbitration and class action waivers and what are the latest court decisions.
This program is pending approval for 1.5 hours of CLE credit. 

For More Information, please contact Megan Lawless.