Locke Lord Team Represents Nabsys in $25 Million Investment by Hitachi High-Tech

A Locke Lord team led by Chris Graham, Jennifer Lisi and Nicole Chakraborty (all of Providence) represented Nabsys in an investment of $25 million by Hitachi High-Tech Corporation through the issuance and sale of the client’s Series B and B-1 Units. The transaction will involve a second closing once certain milestones are achieved. Based in Providence, Nabsys is a pioneer in electric whole-genome mapping, and provides high-resolution, long-range genomic information using solid-state semiconductor-based nanodetectors. This multinational deal, including the United States and Japan, closed at the end of February. For more information, see the press release. Additional assistance was provided by Ted Augustinos (Hartford), Lori Basilico and Gene McDermott (both of Providence), Peter Wynacht (Chicago), Ralph Loren (Boston) and Steve Murphy (Washington, D.C.).
Posted on April 20, 2022