Overall accountability

Locke Lord has designed its diversity and inclusion program to include a Firm-wide Diversity & Inclusion Committee and local Diversity & Inclusion Committees in our respective offices. Members of the Firm-wide Committee include a member of the Firm’s Executive Committee; a member of the Firm’s Board of Directors; members and chairpersons of three key management committees (Associate Orientation and Development, Law School Recruiting Coordinating, Legal Personnel and Partnership Admissions); representatives from the local committees; and members of our Recruiting, Lateral Hiring, Human Resources and Marketing Departments. The Firm-wide Committee serves as the hub of the Firm’s diversity and inclusion management, designing and implementing measurable initiatives that advance the sense of belonging for everyone in the Firm regardless of level, location or membership in diverse communities, including the disability, LGBTQ+, women and ethnic/minority communities.

Additionally, all Firm committees and departments have been charged with committing to and considering the Firm-wide commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are joined by our Partners, many of whom have volunteered to act as mentors to the Firm’s diverse lawyers and actively work to foster an inclusive environment. Together, we accept the responsibility for sustaining and increasing the Firm’s diversity and inclusivity.