Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion


Consistent with the “Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Plan” of Locke Lord, wherein it is established that Diversity & Inclusion is a Core Value, Locke Lord will ensure that diversity and inclusion will permeate through every aspect of the Firm for both lawyers and non-lawyers alike, focusing primarily on recruitment, retention and equal availability to opportunities for advancement. It is recognized that having an effective strategic plan for diversity and inclusion is critical for its ongoing success.


To be recognized as a law firm that demonstrates a true commitment to diversity and inclusion and a firm which will not allow internal or external influencers to detract it from its Core Value of being diverse and inclusive. 


To make Locke Lord a better law firm for our clients and our people by hiring, developing, retaining and promoting the best people through the creation and maintenance of an inclusive environment.

  • Establish who we are as an organization and law firm
  • Define what it is that we stand for-what is important to Locke Lord from a diversity and inclusion perspective
  • Align Diversity & Inclusion efforts with Locke Lord’s overall Strategic Plan
  • Ensure that Diversity & Inclusion efforts beyond (1) appeasing certain populations; (2) simply being “the right thing to do”; (3) keeping up with current trends

Perform an Assessment

  • Review past practices and actions of the Firm and its leadership
  • Determine culture-actual vs. what we say it is. Adjust accordingly
  • Through listening tours create opportunities for honest and candid discussion

Development of SMART Goals

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Timeliness

The goals must be articulated by leadership; shared with the partnership and all other leaders in firm-administrative and lawyers alike; and the goals must be publicized

Everyone must be involved

  • Every person connected with Locke Lord benefits as a result of being diverse and inclusive. Thus, it is critical for everyone to participate to ensure success
  • There can be no “us” vs.”them”. There can be no “territories”
  • Diversity & Inclusion must be an institutional initiative and permeate through everything we do
  • Mentorship and Sponsorship
  • Participate in and support outside and internal organizations


  • Equip Locke Lord personnel with skills to lead inclusively through group and individualized educational programs and policies that incentivize
  • Advance fair and equitable growth of historically underrepresented lawyers and staff through various mechanisms, including but not limited to, “NextGen” initiative, LCLD Fellows and Pathfinders, NELC Fellows, The Chicago Committee, and non-attorney industry groups such as Association of Legal Administrators
  • Aspire to obtain “Employer of Choice’’ by being Mansfield Certified; Continued 100% on the CEI; MCCA Thomas Sager Award; Ranking above the median on the Annual Diversity Scorecard;
  • Review long-term and day-to-day decision making to ensure fairness and equity and consideration of the impact on diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Create Benchmarks
    • Attrition rates
    • Representation goals
    • Milestones