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We have one of the most experienced data center legal teams in the world.

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More than 15 of our lawyers across the globe focus on data centers and cooperate seamlessly to manage complex, business-critical projects as well as provide strategic, commercial advice. Our experience encompasses 60+ jurisdictions.

We understand the complexities of data center projects and draw on the breadth of our experience to advise you on the full spectrum of legal requirements.

Our data center client base is diverse, including multinational telecommunications corporations, international insurance companies, investors, developers and some of the world's largest operators.

Data Centers Life Cycle

We advise clients throughout the full lifecycle of a data center project, from business strategy, planning, site selection, acquisition, development through to operation and exit. This includes providing cutting-edge advice in the following critical areas:

  • Strategy
    • Strategic planning must include provisions for carbon reduction, bulk energy purchase, location choice, cash flow and financial flexibility. Selecting a suitable geographic location is fundamental to a data center's success.
  • Site Acquisition and Planning
    • During the planning stages, the real estate acquisition, power supply and carrier infrastructure must all be given full attention. Outline planning is crucial, alongside a water-tight power offer, development finance, tax/incentives and environmental considerations.
  • Development
    • Data center development is a sophisticated engineering/construction project. We focus on key areas such as:
      • Design
      • Equipment procurement
      • Asset financing
      • Developing M&E systems
      • Construction
      • Power and carrier infrastructure
      • Tax incentives
  • Lease and Service Level Agreements
    • These contracts are a unique hybrid of real estate and commercial service level agreements, the content of which is crucial for the successful operation and use of a data center. Our lawyers have advised clients on thousands of these documents and therefore understand their critical importance. We advise client on factors such as:
      • Limitation of liability
      • Core services (including power)
      • Physical access
      • Data protection
      • Service credits
      • Rent review
      • Intellectual property
      • Dispute resolution
  • Operation
    • During the operational stage, our clients look to us for advice in the following areas:
      • Power supply
      • Connectivity
      • Employment matters
      • Insolvency
      • Customer contracts
      • Dispute resolution
      • Power outages
      • Disaster recovery
  • Exit and Disposal
    • To complete the full lifecycle, we advise on real estate and corporate disposals of data centers as well as the transfer of supply and customer contracts and the management of associated data protection issues.
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