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    Locke Lord is one of only a handful of American law firms for whom the representation of corporate trustees is a primary practice area. A skilled and experienced team of lawyers provides a full range of services to corporate trustees across the spectrum of all types and phases of transactions and corporate trust activities (including but not limited to trustees, custodians, collateral agents and escrow agents). Firm lawyers are not only seasoned and knowledgeable about the primary and tangential legal issues and considerations involved, but also have a broad understanding of corporate trust transactions and the latest developments in the legal, administrative and transactional environment in which corporate trustees participate.

    The range of services provided is complete across the spectrum and includes:

    • Structuring transactions in a manner which minimizes legal risks to the trustee and maximizes administrative efficiencies.
    • Providing constructive working group participation in new transactions, with an emphasis on responsiveness, while remaining attentive to the avoidance of undue legal risks to the corporate trustee.
    • Providing best practices advice to the corporate trustee in its participation in transactions.
    • Providing experienced counsel to corporate trustees in resolving questions and difficulties encountered in the administration of corporate trusts.
    • Providing experienced and measured advice and representation in all aspects of default administration, including but not limited to UCC and real estate foreclosures and public or private UCC sales.
    • When it becomes necessary, providing to corporate trustees bankruptcy counsel experienced and knowledgeable about the particular considerations important to the administration of corporate trust matters in bankruptcy, and to the protection of the interests of the corporate trustee itself in such proceedings.
    • When necessary, providing litigation counsel experienced in court proceedings relating to corporate trust administration and the protection of the interests of the holders for whom the corporate trustee acts and also of the corporate trustee itself.
    • Providing regulatory and corporate advice to corporate trustees which is broadly informed by an understanding of the state and federal regulatory environment in which corporate trustees operate.

    The services of the Firm span the breadth of the types of transactions in which corporate trustees participate, including corporate, municipal and structured finance transactions which are mortgage-backed, asset-backed, synthetics, leases, derivatives, CDOs, CLOs and many other types.

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