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    Locke Lord’s Antitrust Practice Group routinely advises clients on the antitrust risks associated with business relationships that they engage in with suppliers, distributors, customers, employees and other competitors. The antitrust risks on which we advise include such issues as:

    • Group boycotts
    • Contractual covenants not to compete
    • “Most Favored Nations” clauses
    • “Ancillary restraints” in joint ventures and other competition collaborations
    • “No-Poaching” agreements involving the hiring of employees
    • “Benchmarking” and other exchanges of confidential information among competitors
    • Pricing policies, including RPM and MAP policies
    • “Bundled Discounts” and other types of price discounts
    • Tying arrangements
    • “Gun jumping” issues and access to confidential due diligence information associated with corporate mergers and acquisitions
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