Corporate Policies on the Use of AI Tools: A Q&A with Yokogawa’s George Niño

The Texas Lawbook
August 28, 2023

Brad Weber, Co-Chair of Locke Lord's Antitrust Practice Group and Artificial Intelligence Industry Group, authored a Q&A article with Yokogawa’s Executive Vice President for Legal and Compliance George Niño. The article provides insights into effective corporate policies on the proper use of AI tools. In the Q&A, Weber and Niño outline the legal, ethical, privacy and security risks raised by the use of these AI tools, as well as some key considerations and best practices for drafting corporate AI policies.

“An effective corporate policy on the use of AI tools should be clear and concise, listing certain uses of these tools that are strictly prohibited, such as uploading confidential company data, business partner data or personal information,” while also describing other permitted “uses of these AI tools, such as gathering competitive market data or summarizing publicly available documents,” Niño said.

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