The Great Office Space Reset: Problems and Solutions for Tenants and Landlords

Thomson Reuters Westlaw
May 18, 2023

Los Angeles Locke Lord Partner David Kupetz co-authored an article for Thomson Reuters Westlaw Today with Dave Wald, Receiver and President of Wald Realty Advisors, discussing the shift to remote work and its effect on commercial landlords and tenants. The article explores considerations and practical strategies that tenants and landlords may use to rebalance their existing office space, including some different ways of thinking about how to use surplus office space.

“It's no secret that if a company used a significant amount of office space prior to the pandemic, it's likely they now have more space than they need,” Kupetz and Wald note. “Or, at the very least, they don't need as much space on certain days of the week, or they may need to divide it up into buildings in different locations.”

Read the full Thomson Reuters Westlaw Today article here.