10 Things to Consider When Buying, Selling or Operating a Reinsurance Intermediary

Insurance Journal
November 15, 2021

New York Partner Zachary Lerner authored an article for Insurance Journal discussing 10 common regulatory hurdles that reinsurance intermediaries must navigate to comply with U.S. law. As insurance companies, agencies, program administrators and other industry actors continue to expand their creative horizons and develop innovative insurance products, the need for reinsurance coverage has accelerated as well. The evolution of sophisticated “insurtech” managing general agents requiring fronting insurance company relationships has also driven the demand for more creative, international reinsurance solutions that comes with regulatory challenges and considerations, Lerner points out.

“It is a common misconception to assume that reinsurance intermediaries are less-regulated than their insurance agency counterparts simply due to the fact that clients are sophisticated insurance company actors. When entrepreneurs consider the acquisition or disposition of a reinsurance intermediary firm, or when reinsurance intermediary executives and compliance officers are tasked with evaluating the permissibility of its operations, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of the legal landscape that reinsurance intermediaries must navigate,” he writes.

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