Insurance & Reinsurance Newsletter

September 2017

Locke Lord's Insurance & Reinsurance Newsletter provides topical snapshots of recent developments in the fast-changing world of insurance. For further information on any of the subjects covered in the newsletter, please contact one of the members of our Insurance team.

This edition of the Locke Lord Insurance & Reinsurance Newsletter looks at developments affecting the insurance and reinsurance industries in the midst of the active 2017 hurricane season in the Atlantic. In addition, we are posting frequently on Locke Lord’s Blog on these issues. Sign up at to receive updates. In this issue we also feature an update on the New York DFS Cybersecurity Regs. While the first compliance date was August 28, 2017, there are other key dates and requirements to note.

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In This Issue

The ILS Market and its Future in the Wake of the 2017 Hurricane Havoc
by Donald Frechette and Zachary Lerner 

The 2017 Hurricane Season Will Set Many Records – Including for Drone Use
by T. Patrick Byrnes and Matthew Kalas

New York DFS Cybersecurity Regulation Update: Lots Left to Do
by Theodore Augustinos