Privacy & Cybersecurity Newsletter

November 13, 2015

Locke Lord’s Privacy & Cybersecurity Newsletter provides topical snapshots of recent developments in the fast-changing world of privacy, data protection, and cyber risk management. For further information on any of the subjects covered in the newsletter, please contact one of the members of our privacy and cybersecurity team.

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In This Issue

NAIC Cybersecurity Bill of Rights: The Awkward New Guest at the Data Breach Law Party
On October 14, 2015, the NAIC’s Cybersecurity (EX) Task Force adopted a Cybersecurity Bill of Rights, an aspirational, well-intended document outlining the rights insurance consumers should (or could? or might? this point remains uncertain) expect with regard to their personal information in the hands of insurance companies, insurance agents, and any of their vendors. read more

OCR Expected to Strengthen HIPAA Enforcement in 2016
Two recent reports issued by the Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) recommended that HHS’s Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) should fully implement a permanent audit program and strengthen its follow-up procedures relating to breaches of Protected Health Information (“PHI”). read more

Which Way is the “Wyndham” Blowing? Cyber Regulation after FTC vs. Wyndham
Does the Third Circuit’s recent decision in FTC v. Wyndham Worldwide Corp. usher in a new era of enforcement by the FTC and other federal agencies regarding cybersecurity practices? Regardless of the answer, it is important to note what this new decision does not do. read more 

Opt-in System Introduced in Turkey for Commercial Electronic Communications in E-commerce Law
Turkey’s solid and rapidly expanding e-commerce market volume reached 18.9 billion Turkish Liras as of the end of 2014. The Turkish e-commerce sector accounts for 1.6% of the country’s overall retail sector. read more 

Breaches, Damned Breaches and Their Statistics
Interesting conclusions about data breach costs emerge from two new studies, the 2015 Ponemon Institute’s Cost of Cyber Crime Study: Global and the 2015 NetDiligence® Cyber Claims Study. read more