Drew Slone Does the Heavy Lifting, D CEO Magazine Profiles Locke Lord Dallas Partner

D CEO Magazine
March 8, 2024

Drew Slone, Partner in Locke Lord’s Public Finance Practice in Dallas, was recently profiled in D CEO Magazine’s ‘Pursuits’ column, a feature that explores the personal sides of Dallas Fort Worth’s prominent business leaders. The profile shines a spotlight on Slone’s multifaceted life, showcasing her ability to balance her role as a public development finance lawyer with her passion for intense strength training. When she’s not negotiating and implementing economic development incentive packages with state and local governments, Slone dedicates her spare time to participating in elite strength training events. As she aptly puts it, “If it’s early, you’ll find me in the strongman gym.”

Rising at 4 a.m. daily, Slone immerses herself in grueling workouts, including the remarkable feat of pulling 18,000-pound trucks, in preparation for strongman and strongwoman competitions. In the article, Slone attributes her strength training to instilling resilience and determination, qualities that she finds invaluable in both her personal and professional endeavors. Slone emphasizes her commitment to empowering other women through strength training, highlighting her unwavering dedication to fostering a culture of empowerment and excellence.

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