Co-Chairs of Locke Lord’s Antitrust Practice Group Randy Hack and Brad Weber Quoted on Emerging Case Patterns and 2024 Antitrust Trends by The National Law Journal

The National Law Journal
January 4, 2024

Co-Chairs of Locke Lord’s Antitrust Practice Group Randy Hack and Brad Weber were quoted by the National Law Journal on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) emerging case patterns that will likely persist throughout 2024. Among these trends, Hack and Weber cite the FTC’s examination of how corporate mergers may impact the labor market and the likely increase of right to repair cases.

Hack notes that he is “skeptical about the FTC’s examination of how mergers impact the labor market because it is difficult to establish what the optimal level of employment should be in any particular industry before or after a merger.”

Also on the horizon, “[r]ight to repair cases are also likely to see an increase,” Weber says. “The FTC is investigating the right-to-repair theory and that it will be a focus area in 2024, as even more cases might be filed.”

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