Texas Lawyer Highlights Locke Lord's Fresh, Modern and Humanizing Approach of Lateral Partner Introductory Videos

Texas Lawyer
January 27, 2021

Texas Lawyer featured Locke Lord’s use of introductory videos for lateral Partner hires as an innovative approach amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which arose from the Firm’s successful use of video internally to help attorneys and team members stay connected and engaged as they work remotely. Chief Marketing Officer Katie Ambrosio elaborated, “This year has opened us to new opportunities, a fresh modern approach, humanizing everything … That’s where this is going.”

The videos, which are shot directly on the Partner’s smartphone and then edited and branded by the Firm’s communications and design team, help to bring life to an announcement and create instant connections among Locke Lord’s attorneys. Ambrosio continued, “You can only do so much with a static photo and press release, [but] having somebody’s video and putting a face to a name? We always say lawyers are in the relationship business.”

The videos are collected in the laterals section on the Firm’s website. To read the full article, click here (subscription may be required).