Locke Lord’s Richard Reibstein Quoted in Bloomberg Law Daily Labor Report on Recommended Practices, Employee Training Under New York State Gender Identity Law

February 22, 2019

Richard Reibstein, a Partner in Locke Lord’s Labor and Employment Practice in New York, was quoted in the Feb. 22, 2019 edition of Bloomberg Law’s Daily Labor Report on a New York state law that bars discrimination based on gender expression. The law, called The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), goes into effect on Feb. 24. Reibstein noted that company dress codes for males or females “should remain perfectly lawful under GENDA, but employers that strictly enforce such dress codes need to be sensitive to those employees in New York who identify themselves as a gender different from the sex assigned to them at birth.”

In addition Reibstein recommended educating employees on the GENDA requirements as part of their mandated sexual harassment training in New York, adding, “For a lot of employees, what you can’t lawfully say or do under GENDA is neither obvious nor intuitive.”

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