Boston Business Journal: David Szabo Quoted on King v. Burwell

Boston Business Journal
June 25, 2015
David Szabo, Partner and Co-Chair of Boston-based Locke Lord health care practice, was quoted on June 25 on the Supreme Court's King v. Burwell decision.

“I think it’s worth noting that there is a nice shout out to Massachusetts in the majority opinion. When Justice Roberts is laying the groundwork for the majority’s decision and setting up explaining their legal rationale, they point out that several states have tried to increase coverage through reform and point out that it wasn’t until 2006 in Massachusetts that there was a formula working at all the same time that made coverage possible…they describe Romneycare and then he says the ACA adopts a version of the three key reforms that made the MA mission successful … he uses that throughout their opinion to say whatever opinions you have of draftsmanship (of the law), he takes the position that here could be no doubt that it was congress’s intention that there were to be three reforms working together…to take away one of the three legs of the stool…the tax subsidy, would make the whole system unstable. And there is no evidence to suggest that Congress ever intended…to undo the law in more than 30 states.”

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