Coalition of Women's Initiatives in Law: Practical Uses of Generative AI for In-House Counsel

September 7, 2023

Jennifer Kenedy will break down intellectual property considerations as part of a panel discussing practical uses of generative artificial intelligence for in-house attorneys at the Coalition of Women's Initiatives in Law Lunch and Learn program on Thursday, September 7 at 12:00pm CT.

This program will cover briefly the evolution of Artificial Intelligence and its uses in legal technology, from smart searches to the language generating models available today to even greater efficiencies and problem-solving capabilities likely to come. We will include a demonstration of one of the Generative AI programs available on the market to show the ways that Generative AI can help in-house counsel work more efficiently (as well as demonstrating where the human touch is still needed). Then, we will discuss the risks of using Generative AI in practice and what counsel should keep in mind when using these tools. Finally, we will learn about the intellectual property considerations arising from using material generated by Generative AI in the in-house practice, including confidentiality and data security concerns.

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