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2022 LCLD Fellows Program: Houston ‘On-The-Road' Session

November 10, 2022

On November 10, Locke Lord's Houston Office hosted the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity Fellows Program for a Houston “On the Road Session.” Paula Davis, Founder of Stress and Resilience Institute, discussed "Beating Burnout at Work." 

Burnout has become one of the most talked about workplace topics, and its impact is far-reaching. The 24/7 pace of work, constant demands, and scant resources can easily put busy professionals on a path to burnout, a cycle that has only accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Burnout affects the health and well-being of the entire organization, yet most attempts to help focus on quick-fix strategies aimed at individuals. Something is missing. In this session, Paula shares stories from her work coaching, teaching, and training leaders and teams of all sizes, and she explores: How she navigated her own burnout as a lawyer, and how that led her to study burnout and launch a business with the aim of helping organizations and their employees become more resilient; and How teams and leaders can utilize simple, science-backed strategies to create cultures that promote resilience and well-being and reduce burnout.