In-House Connect: From Outside Counsel to In-House Counsel and Back!

November 8, 2022

Greg Casamento, Domenic Cervoni and Kanasha Herbert will join In-House Connect on Tuesday, November 8 at 12pm ET for a webinar titled "From Outside Counsel to In-House Counsel and Back! Key Insights for Lawyers Seeking to Transition from Private Practice to In-House, and from In-House to Private Practice!"

Ever think about leaving your in-house position for a law firm? Do you know what external law firms look for when hiring an in-house lawyers? And how can an in-house lawyer successfully transition to a law firm partner, counsel or associate role? Locke Lord lawyers will share insights into the non-linear path toward law firm partnership, including:

  • The skills developed as an in-house lawyer that are most transferable to private practice;
  • How attorneys with in-house experience and background can add unique value to cases, deals, and the overall client relationship; and
  • Some of the challenges about the transition, as well as what’s been the most rewarding

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