ACI's 16th Annual Paragraph IV Disputes Conference

November 9-10, 2021
Jim Peterka and Emily Savas will speak at the 16th Annual Paragraph IV Disputes Conference in New York City on November 9-10.

Jim Peterka is a panelist on “GSK v. Teva: Awaiting the Fate of Section VIII Carve-Outs” on November 9. Emily Savas will be a panelist on “Written Description and Enablement: Defensive Strategies and Offensive Moves for §112 Rejections and Attacks (with Dr. Reddy’s Labs)” on November 10.

The ACI’s Paragraph IV Disputes Conference hosts the community of Hatch-Waxman practitioners and is part of the only event which shapes the law, policy, and proceedings of Paragraph IV litigation. This in-person event will allow the participants to benchmark, network, and connect with peers (and opponents) while getting caught up on the latest legal developments, and the shifting legislative and regulatory landscape.

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