Grown In: Cannabis & Capital Summit

June 16, 2021

Locke Lord is proud to sponsor the Grown In Cannabis & Capital Summit - Summer 2021. Co-Chair of Locke Lord's Cannabis Group Irina Dashevsky and David Standa will present "The Regulatory Side of Transferring a Cannabis License," while Co-Chair of Locke Lord's Cannabis Group Simon Fleischmann will address "280E: Beyond the Basics and Recent Updates."

Additional details for each session can be found below.

The Regulatory Side of Transferring a Cannabis License
The workshop will focus on common regulatory issues that arise when cannabis companies are bought and sold. Discussion will focus on preliminary steps that purchasers should take to ensure the smooth transition of all necessary licenses to ensure they are able to acquire the “bundle of goods” they are targeting. This presentation will include an outline of due diligence steps that are required when acquiring companies (or individual licenses) in the cannabis industry, and reasons why it is important to “play nice” with regulators from the outset.

280E: Beyond the Basics and Recent Updates
Join an attorney and a CPA who work extensively in the cannabis industry as they bring their unique perspectives and experiences to a lively discussion on the latest 280E court rulings, internal IRS documents outlining audit techniques for cannabis businesses and 280E mitigation strategies.

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