ABA CLE Showcase - COVID-19: Legal Issues, Responses, and Practice Going Forward

July 29, 2020

Elizabeth Lang-Miers is speaking at a CLE Showcase Program taking place during the American Bar Association's Annual Meeting. She is speaking on the panel, "COVID-19: Legal Issues, Responses, and Practice Going Forward," on July 29, 2020 at 2:00 p.m.

In response to the growing legal needs of ordinary Americans arising from the coronavirus pandemic, the American Bar Association created a nationwide task force of volunteer lawyers and judges from across the legal profession.  The group has been working on identifying legal needs arising from the pandemic, making recommendations to address those needs to help mobilize volunteer lawyers and legal professionals for people who need help. They will take a look beyond the pandemic for innovations and new ways of providing legal services and delivering justice. 

The discussion will cover most of the common legal issues that have arisen during the pandemic, review a forecast of the legal issues likely to arise or proliferate after the initial phase of the pandemic, and review the challenges in responding to the legal issues that have arisen and that are likely to arise in the future.  The program will also provide an overview of best practices in pro bono mobilization to address the legal needs during and after a national emergency. 

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