Physicians Legal Issues Conference

Chicago, IL
September 12-14, 2019

Tammy Woffenden Co-Chaired the ABA Health Law Section's Physicians Legal Issues Conference in Chicago, September 12-14, 2019. To listen to Tammy explain the benefits of attending this year's conference, please click here. Tammy has also authored a chapter on HIPAA compliance in Physician Law: Evolving Trends & Hot Topics 2019, which has been released in conjunction with the conference.

In a rapidly evolving healthcare market, providers, payors, investors and other industry stakeholders face many challenges surrounding complex state and federal laws and regulations, ongoing social and political shifts, continued consolidation and integration, changing reimbursement models, and significant technological advances and clinical innovation. While striving to maintain successful medical practices that offer quality services, physicians are considering whether to remain independent or affiliate within integrated systems, adjusting to evolving practice trends and patient needs, and evaluating various healthcare investment and joint venture opportunities. At the same time, health systems, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities face challenges with medical staffing, rising costs, clinical integration, and data use and protection. Even payors are trying to address challenges in healthcare delivery and costs by expanding into primary care, wellness and prevention, and telemedicine. As a combined education program with the American Bar Association Health Law Section and the Chicago Medical Society, our Physicians Legal Issues: Healthcare Delivery & Innovation conference will offer healthcare providers, their attorneys, and administrative partners an opportunity to hear from national experts and leaders who can offer both legal and healthcare industry perspectives on these trends and to discuss creative business and legal solutions surrounding these key issues affecting healthcare delivery in today’s market.

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